Some electric guitar memories, feedback and a new piece

I’ve always had a fascination for electric guitar feedback. My first experiences go back to when I was around 13 –14 years old.  After many hours of intense practice (all I did was practice from the ages of 12-17), dealing with frustration and sore fingertips, I would turn the amp up as loud as possible allowing the guitar to howl and scream.  Then I discovered that I could manipulate the feedback by walking around the room and swirling the guitar around in the air. I also discovered that at certain spots in the room the feedback was very consistent and could get that long sustain to add to those certain held notes.

painting by Richard Whadcock

Here’s a link to my brand new piece utilizing electric guitar feedback, Fractured Sky (2012). The sounds in this piece come mostly from electric guitar with the addition of a few percussion samples. The painting above is by the British artist Richard Whadcock. Click the photo to check out his wonderful artwork.

Both recording sessions for these pieces involved recording electric guitar feedback at a very loud volume.  For me these compositions are not only about the finished result, but about the process. A reliving of those youthful electric guitar feedback experiments and sculpting them into compositions. It’s the stuff that keeps me drawn to the electric guitar and makes me want to keep playing and wrenching sounds out of it.

Hope you like these pieces.  I still have some feedback experimenting left to do..