Solo electric guitar improvisations

For the last two years or so, I’ve spent some time improvising for solo electric guitar.

These improvisations are spur of the moment, a kind of of thinking out loud – a process maybe leading to something more structured in the future. I enjoy it and it’s a healthy contrast to the sometimes obsessive nature that occurs (for me at least) during composing and recording.

The improvisations are free-form and tend to focus on a particular scale or mode with some bluesy playing included (no matter where I’ve gone creatively in my life, I always return to some form of rock/blues playing). So, there is no emphasis on swing or improvising on a tune like in a traditional jazz improvisation. I’m just plugging straight in, letting my fingers and ears go, focusing more on the sound of the instrument, with emphasis on articulation, dynamics and expression.

As the years have passed and having become known as an electroacoustic or experimental composer/guitarist (with 4 albums to date), I’ve gradually become more interested in conventional guitar technique and tuneful in my note selection in general. I’m also interested in making some serious noise, and yet be able to play traditionally, melodically and beautifully too.

Come to think of it, these solo improvisations might be part of the process for that solo guitar album I’ve thought about making for quite some time now.

Now, for a few videos of my improvisations.

A solo el. guitar improvisation from a week ago:

From February 2013:

Another one from February 2013:

From 2 years ago:

Thanks for watching and listening.

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