Set of 3 pieces (new music)

My first experience with drums and percussion in an electroacoustic piece was for a composition called “Kickstart” from my 2010 release, Mechanical Uprising. I have often referred to that piece as a composition for an “electroacoustic musique concrete avant rock band.” I’m still surprised it took me that long (about 11 years and 4 albums later) to get around to using drums and percussion in my own electronic music.

Now, I love it.

So, this past year I composed music focusing on a particular instrumentation of electric guitar, electric bass, piano, drums and various percussion. One composition, “Joyous Returns” also uses female voice samples (courtesy of my wife, Kim). I then composed a set of three pieces. (EDIT 6/8/15: originally posted all three, but took down two of them. EP with all three pieces will be released in late 2015)

The guitars were all performed by me and the piano music was composed by me. The drums and percussion sounds are samples from various sound libraries.

These compositions will all be included on my next album scheduled for release in……….

Thanks for listening.